Mestre Olavo's Berimbau
Mestre Baiano's Berimbau

Authentic Berimbaus from Bahia. Made by Mestre Olavo, one of the greatest berimbau makers in the world. Look for him in the DVD Musica dos Mestres.
We Have now in stock Unpainted, and Painted & Decorated berimbaus. Please select the type of berimbau that you would like to buy before you order.

Authentic Berimbaus from Bahia. Made by Mestre Baiano. These berimbaus come with a cover of clear varnish.

Berimbaus come with Caxixi, verga (bow), cabasa (gourd), baqueta (stick) and arame (wire).

Note: These pictures are just samples. The berimbaus can have different designs, gourds or sizes. Berimbaus can come with some small cracks on the verga, it does not mean the berimbau is broken and it does not affect the sound. Due to increase in the USPS shipping rates, we are not selling berimbaus outside USA.


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